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About us

Missy Ikesay's

Welcome to Missy Ikesay’s bold and peaceful world, a place where respect and inclusion are at the heart of creativity.

A concept store where slow thinking and ecological awareness are the basis of every choice, a wonderland where every human being is important.

Missy Ikesay spreads the love for art and design through its projects and ideas that curious customers can use in everyday life as well as in their travels and adventures around the world or in their homes.
Without gender or age rules Missy Ikesay proposals are made to inspire independent customers to find their own style, without fears to be judged and with the freedom to be themselves.


Born in the city of Turín, in the North of Italy, Federica Jourdan shows her love for Art & Craft from the early beginning. From the painting fabrics for family members, through the architectural studies focused on design and museums experience, to the craft courses of ceramic, knitting or crocheting and beyond, she always spreads her passion for creativity and art expression.

Missy Ikesay is her new brand idea, born on the island of Fuerteventura, close to Africa with a North European aesthetic and a Japanese soul is a freedom manifesto for everyone who wants to choose.

BE an INDEPENDENT customer,

For say hello, talk about ideas and collaborations, or take an Italian coffe or whatever you want, please write to contact form.